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Following the adventures of two little girls and their mommy, as they learn and create together!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Fun Weekend

We had a very exciting weekend.  We started out walking in the Elk Pioneer Days Parade (pictures on the phone…), then we went to Cat Tales Zoological Park. 
Tigers, leopards, white tigers, bobcats, panther, black bear and more! 
The cutest at the zoo was the lion cub!  So cute!

Dance Recital

We are so proud of our little dancers!  They sure learned a lot in the last two months with their dance lessons.  We can’t wait till the fall when we can pick the lessons back up!

Selena is in the center of the front of the circle to start with little Abby next to here.  When they get in the straight line, Selena is on the far right end with Abby third from the right end (the shortest one!).

Park Fun and Releasing the Butterflies

Guess who we drew in the driveway!


Our new favorite, Greenacres Park.  This was an unplanned stop on a exercise bike ride for me.  We didn’t know the water would be turned on!


Selena was surprised to see that water makes a shadow! 

Second trip to the park this week, this time WITH swimsuits!




Releasing the butterflies into the wild!

Butterfly Habitat


We are a little late in our Butterfly Unit Study for getting this habitat made, but it is finally up!  The girls really enjoyed painting the wall board. 

Painting our volcanoes that we made at Mobius.


School work and Toad in the tank.   We named the two frogs, Frog and Toad from the stories of the same name.  Frog is the one with five legs (Five Legged Frog is his full name).

Weekend at *Great* Grandma’s House

We took a trip over the weekend and the girls were supposed to stay at Grandma’s house… but Grandma and Grandpa also planned to be out of town this weekend!  What happens… GREAT Grandma watches two little girls and two not-so little dogs.

I don’t have the pictures from all the adventures, but I heard that the weather was nice and the girls were able to play outside most of the time. 

Thanks Great Grandma!

Memorial Weekend Fun


Back to Falls Park to see the goslings!

Planting the dahlias.


Visiting the new Greenacres Park.

Frog Legs and Butterfly Wings

Front legs on the little tadpole, and an extra back leg on the big tadpole?

Our first butterfly hatched!  And supplies for the first feeding.

Our butterfly “baby sitter”


Planting green onion scraps

Bob book word graphing.


Letting the tadpoles loose in the tank!

Weekend in Wenatchee

We went to Wenatchee for the weekend to spend with my brothers family.  It was also Cousin Cameron’s 10th birthday!
We started the weekend out at one of the coolest parks we’ve ever been to!  This place had wooden castles, swings, slides, monkey bars, and a whole lot more!
We finished up the weekend with letting Selena and Abby go, back in the lake that they were caught in a year ago!  Yes, the girls cousins named fish that they caught after our girls… :)