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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tag book and the moon! Public School First Day of School

Hey Mom!  Look, it's a waxing gibbous moon!
After reading the Tag Tangled book, Selena can identify what the phases of the moon are!  Wow, I didn't even work with her on this and she already knows it!
The first day of our local public school... and we had a great day!

Labor Day Weekend Fun

For labor day, we took Daddy camping in the Seattle area.  We stayed at Cousin Chris' house and had a great time.  We attended the Seattle Dahlia Society show and then went to Alki Beach for some fun in the sun!





After our day at the beach, we finished the night by playing some cards.  What a great family day!

Camping with Grandma, Glacier National Park


 Throwing rocks and finding an inch worm!