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Friday, December 30, 2011

December Sixth

On the sixth day of Christmas we had a snuggle day!  And an ice skating hockey day! And a fun little school work time!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Fifth

On the fifth day of Christmas.... We got to take Abby to her check up appointment (all is well, she is an exceptional child, well of course she is!), then we went to JUMP AND BOUNCE!  This was our first time since they added the tube toy.  The girls had such a good time!


 We were also ready to do our letter writing.  Yay Selena!  
 Chris was hanging out in the new gingerbread village, so we put the letter with him to go on to the North Pole!

December Fourth

On the forth day of December our elf got into a bit of trouble... 
 We woke up to find him making a "snow angel" in the powdered sugar!
 Our activity for the day was to make a gingerbread village.  We had a lot of fun decorating the little houses and church!

First Piano Lesson

Selena started her first piano lesson on November 30th.  She was a bit overwhelmed.  I guess I should have talked to her about how lessons work, she thought she had to get through the whole book in one lesson!  WOW, oops!  After the explanation, she seemed to be a lot better.  A family friend is teaching her, and I think the arrangement is going to work out really well.  Thanks Rachel!
Also, just having the keyboard in the house has inspired me to try to relearn the piano from the lessons I took when I was little.  I'm really enjoying it, and am almost as good as I was after my lessons :).

Here's to hearing beautiful music in our house for years to come!

December Third

We started the day with a North Pole Breakfast.  I got this idea from other Elf on the Shelf enthusiasts on Pinterest.

 The table the girls woke up to...
 Big Santa Breakfast (hashbrowns, sausage and bacon), Snowballs, and Snowman Soup (hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows).
 Oops, caught in the act!  :)

 After our yummy breakfast we went to....
 Disney on Ice's Toy Story 3!  We had a great girls day with Grandma, Great Grandma, and Rachel.

December Second

 Frosty the Snowman puppets were the activity of the day!

First Day of Christmas

Every year I have wanted to do a special Christmas activity each day of the month of December.  This year, I made a flip book with a different activity on each of the 24 days before Christmas.  The first day's activity was to write a letter to Santa.
We wrote out our ideas, and a draft letter, but after all of our other school work, we decided to wait to write the final draft for another day.

 The girls got to decorate their little bedroom trees.
 They got to pick out a few different ornaments from Walmart, and they chose, pink balls, blue balls, and purple slippers.  They shared all of the ornaments.  

 We did some Ready2Read review.

And some small book coloring and reading.  We also read a couple different versions of The Three Little Pigs.  It is so fun to read the same story told in a different way.   

Ice Skating Day and Wreath Fun

We found Chris the Elf in the stable with baby Jesus.  :)

The girls are getting really good at skating!
 When we were at the Dollar Tree, we picked out $10 worth of supplies to make THREE wreaths (including the hangers!).  The girls had so much fun with this little project and loved hanging them on their bedroom doors.

Decorating for Christmas

 I love decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend.  It seems that the holidays go by too quickly, and I want to squeeze every last second out of our beautiful Christmas time.  
Our "formal" tree and the special First Christmas ornaments.
   Our beautiful nativity scene that was Daddy's Grandmas. 
 First Christmas hand and footprints.

 The downstairs "informal" tree.

Book boxes by the two fireplaces.  Filled with lots of good reads, can't wait to snuggle up and read these.