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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swim Lessons, Week 1

After a few years of thinking about swim lessons for the girls, we finally decided to go ahead and do it.  The teacher the girls have is wonderful, and they've learned so much so far.

Horse riding :), for some reason this is one of the girls favorite things.

 Back glide with "rocket ship arms"

Back glide

Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping with Grandma

We took Grandma Judy camping last weekend, and had so much fun.  
I can't believe how much we did in just one weekend.
Bug catcher making in the morning, followed by a hike around the lake to find bugs...

 Having fun around the lake

Seeing a snake!
Ice Cream Social!

Playing at the lake

 Slimy lily pad

Looking for water bugs

Swimming in the pool!

  Collecting "stuff"
 Sight word treasure hunt

Playing around camp!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Magical Fairy Garden

We were inspired to make a fairy garden this year after 
seeing the beautiful garden at The Magic Onions blog. 

 Supplies... stones, rocks, gardening tools, bench, wishing well, butterflies, 
pots and kettles (for Tinkerbell), jar for dew drops (for Silvermist).
 The foundation of the fairy garden, we used pots indoors and artificial plants for fear of being damaged outside.  The pots are in our dining room (where they are played with A LOT).

 Beginnings of a fence that I was making for the garden.
 Placing the ground cover (spanish moss).
 Wishing well!
 Placing the wishing well.
 Placing the stones for the pond.
 Filling the wishing well with water from the pond.
 Pretty butterfly.
 Pots and kettles and dew drop jar.
 Snow White pretending to be a fairy.
 The fairy garden "garden"
The fairies had a party, and made quite a mess :)

Thank you so much for inspiring us to make a fairy garden.  
It has provided HOURS of entertainment for all of us!