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Saturday, April 23, 2011

5th Birthday! Snow, Shopping, Ice Cream, and all kinds of fun stuff

We had the busiest day today (April 21, 2011).
Today is Selena's 5th birthday. We woke up to SNOW!

After playing out in the snow, we came in for some hot chocolate and cake!

In the afternoon I made some Easter chocolates.

This was the first batch.  I made a few more bunnies, and some small bunnies and eggs and chicks.  Yummy!

For the big girls birthday, she got a new bed (well, kind of, she had a 3 in 1 crib that converted to a full size bed).  We took her shopping and let her pick her new mattress, and got the frame and came home to build it.
It is hard to keep the other one out of bed with her.  They slept together that first night!
Pretty sweet little girls.

Geocaching with Daddy

Mommy had to work out of town all day today, so the girls spent the day with Great Grandma Pat, and on their way home with Daddy, they got to go geocaching!  He picked such a fun one that they even had to do some "rock climbing."


I love my girls so much, they LOVE going to the dentist!  They've always liked going, have never had a cavity and are such happy girls! 

Tangled Hair and the Pansies From the Garden

Birthday Party!

Music Appreciation - Carmina Burana

What we're reading this week.

I've seen other bloggers posting a list and picture of the books that they read during the week.  I thought this sounded like a good way to keep track of all the good books we are reading.

Blog Gift

We won a give away on a blog!!  Thanks to Melis at The Joys of Home Educating!  We love our new book and the fun stickers.

April 15th, School Room Update

School room update time!  We've been sitting on the floor for lessons, but it just wasn't working that well for some of the work.  The girls love their clipboards, but it is nice to have a table to work on. We are in the living room of all places.  I thought we'd be at the kitchen table or in the playroom, but we seem to be most comfortable in the living room.  There is now no room for a couch, but we do have two chairs...

 The table is a small kids sized card table that we got for free from a relative that was going to throw it away.  It was rusty brown with a torn cover.  We sanded it down and painted it white, I got some princess table cloth material from the fabric store, and covered the table top and the seat bottoms.  Then cut and glued an arc of the fabric on the top of the chair backs.  The girls LOVE this table and chairs.  We usually only get it out on birthdays for the present table, but now it has a permanent spot!  On the wall is a dry-erase poster (found on clearance from Walmart).  On the table is a small plastic box with the books about the topics we are currently studying.  Each of the girls has a color coded pencil box on the table.
 Abby's boxes and storage.
The top shelf of the stand and the top of the drawer organizer is for books.  They are separated out by topics, and the plastic one on the shelf facing out is the box of books that are at or close to Selena's level (so she can go grab a new book at her level).  Abby has her workboxes on the two bottom shelved, just 6 for now.  That is all her attention span can handle :).

 Selena's workboxes.  On this day there were 7, there is room for 9 on this little shelf (from Costco), and I think that is all we are going to need.  I double up what goes in them, i.e. group similar topics into one. 
Chalkboard/Map area.  The map is along the wall behind where the front door opens.  The chalkboard sits just out of the way of the swing of the door. 

April 14th, Bunny Hutch

 Kumon writing practice. 

All done!!!


April 12th

Lots of gardening work today.  The weather was so nice it was hard to be inside, so we weren't!  

April 11th

Potting of the dahlias, and a day with Great Grandma Pat!
Read about the dahlias at Mommy and Me Gardening

Lowe's Build and Grow Pinball

The girls went with their daddy to Lowe's for the Build and Grow workshop!  (I had to stay home and work on dahlia tubers...)

This weeks activity was a pinball machine.  It's pretty fun, but hard for the little ones to play.

Thursday, April 7th

Busy busy day!
We got to go to a petting zoo today!  We saw goats, sheep, llamas, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, bunnies, geese and many others!  We had such a fun time.

After the petting zoo, we went to the Aplets and Cotlets Candy Factory.  We LOVE Aplets and Cotlets, if you've never had them, you need to!  Aplets and Cotlets
They weren't making candy the day we were there, but we got to have some samples.