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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wednesday, April 6

What a busy day!  We got up, Aunt Sara and I went to the gym!, and the Grandmas made breakfast for the kiddos.  When we got done eating, the four kids had a bit of "school time."  The kids told me all the words they could think of that had to do with weather.  They came up with:  hail, rain, sunny, windy, snow, clouds, fog, ice, frost, hurricane, tornado, thunder, lightning, hot and cold.  After weather words review, we talked about the letter "U"  and made a list of u words;  umbrella, up, unicorn, umpire, underwear, under, United States, Underdog, Uncle Jason, uncle, upon, upset, upgrade, understand, universe, university, utter, udder.  U seems to be a hard letter to find words for. 
Next we read books about seeds and growing plants.  We all had copies of "The Plant" from Reading A-Z and colored and cut out "The Plant" sequencing cards.  
After that we watched the "Jack and the Beanstalk" story on CD from Yellow Door (  The kids LOVE this, and we not only listen to the story, but we listen to it again in the song mode.  We really enjoyed the additional resources about beans and giants.

Whew!  After a bit of quiet time, we all got packed up and we were off. 
We went to Rocky Reach Dam (where Uncle Jason and Aunt Sara are getting married) to check out the park.  After that we went up to the Visitor's Center and checked out the fish ladder.  This was all of our first time visiting a fish ladder and it was really neat.  We were there too early in the season to see fish, but we were able to see one little guy trying to make it upstream. 

After the Dam, we went to watch the cousins practice baseball and t-ball.  Practice was in the field of one of the local elementary schools, and the kids were able to play in the park for a few hours. 

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