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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ancestry DNA

I have been wanting to do an ancestry DNA test for YEARS!  I’ve been working extra lately and got my official invite for the beta group, and I went for it.  I’ve completed my test and sent it off and it is being processed! 



Last Camping Trip of the Year

We spent time both Saturday and Sunday fishing.   Again, we caught nothing but seaweed…
and a shirt!
After a hike, we went back to the trailer and did some high-tech camping.   
We loved our campsite, we’ve been in this spot before and it is such a nice location.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dino Digging with the Little Paleontologists!

While we were in Montana, we bought some little dig your own dinosaur kits.


Archaeology is hard work!


Fun work!

So happy :)

All the bones in the Stegosaurus block.

We also did our study sheets on Maiasaura and Stegosaurus.

Sapphire Mining and Philipsburg, MT

We had fun “mining” for sapphires and amethysts.  We found 21.01 carats of sapphires ranging from colorless, pink, light greens and a couple blue greens.  3.91 carats of them were cutable, but we didn’t want to spend $150 to ship them to Sri Lanka.  We also collected 166.21 carats of amethyst, with one 10.38 carat piece being able to be cut.
On our drive to Philipsburg we saw this herd of big horn sheep!
We enjoyed the Granite County Museum and Cultural Center.
And of course the beautiful and yummy Sweet Factory!  They even had Zotz (one of Mommy’s favorite candies!)
What a beautiful old building.

Bridger Raptor Festival

Sculpting birds!  Mommy helped Abby and Daddy helped Selena.
Quite the collection of birds from all the kids.
At the “Meet a Pterosaur” talk, the girls learned the differences between modern birds and the Pterosaurs of the dinosaur era.  They even had a life size puppet of what Pterosaurs looked like.  Abby didn’t like it too much, but Selena did!
There was a live raptor presentation by the Grizzly and Wolf Discover Center.  We got to see hawks, owls, falcons, and a vulture. 
The Raptor Festival was at Bridger Bowl Ski Resort
Snowball Fight!
The girls completed a Nature Journaling assignment from the Yellowstone Association and got little magnets.