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Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday Rainbows and Clouds

Shades or orange!

Yesterday we painted some cloud pictures, using the "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" book as a guide.
It Looked Like Spilt Milk Big Book

Wednesday Rainbows...

More ice melting today, today we did shades of green.
While we worked today we enjoyed listening to Brahms (in honor of his birthday this Saturday).  We listened to Brahams The Symphonies
Brahms: The Symphonies

We also baked a few loaves of bread...

And played out in the sunshine!!!

Tuesday Rainbows

Today we continued our Rainbow theme.   We made shades of purple and the girls wanted to make brown (which they rightly guessed was all the colors mixed together).


After starting the ice cubes melting, we made rainbow crayons.  I've seen this idea in quite a few places lately but can't recall where.  Grandma Judy gave us a box of old crayons and we peeled the paper off, broke them into pieces and then mixed them in a cupcake pan. Fun!

For a bit of math practice the girls did some Hundred Board Puzzles and then we did a bit of graphing using the cupcake die and graphing sheet from 2TeachingMommies

Monday Night

We just couldn't wait till tomorrow to start our rainbow ice cubes!
 First we removed all our ice cubes from their trays.  The we placed two reds in one container, two yellows, and two blues.  Then one red and one yellow, one blue and one yellow, and one red and one blue. 
 We watched them begin to melt and the girls realized that the mixtures were going to make different colors!
Once all the the ice had melted, they were such pretty colors!

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2nd, Rainbows and Clouds Day 1

We started our Rainbows and Clouds Unit Study in earnest today.  We started introducing weather words in April, and now we are going to focus on Rainbows and Clouds this month.

We started the morning with an explanation of the water cycle.  we also did the Picture Sort for which clothes go which weather type (sunny, rainy, and snowy).  We used cards printed from Lightning Bug Literacy weather printables.  There are some great resources for clouds and weather (link to printables).

We got out first rainbow experiment started, we made red, blue, and yellow ice cubes.  We will conduct some experiments with them tomorrow morning.  The idea for this experiment came from here.

We had a bit of circle time and read lots of stories.  Planting a Rainbow by L. Ehlert (one of the girls favorites), What Makes a Rainbow? by BA Schwartz, Water by S. Canizared, Little Cloud by E. Carle, It's Spring by S. Berger and P. Chanko, It Looked Like Spilt Milk by C. Shaw, Puddles by J. London, Follow a Raindrop by E. Ward, and What Makes the Weather by J. Palazzo.
For writing practice we worked on the letter Rr.

We did our first skip counting by 2s today as well.  We used our Hundred Board Puzzles and did the Red puzzle (which is 1-1 correspondence) and then the Blue puzzle (it has the skip counting by 2s behind the puzzle pieces).   We love these puzzles!Learning Resources Hundred Board Puzzles (LER6610)