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Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Blessings

We had a great Easter weekend.  On Saturday we colored eggs...

 Then on Easter we went to a very nice service at St. Joseph's and met a very nice homeschooling family that sat in front of us.  Usually at church we sit with Greg's parents with the ushers, so it was nice this time to meet other families.
 When we came home, the Easter Bunny had been to our house!  The girls were SO spoiled!  They got bicycles, and full baskets of goodies (new outfit, baseball mitts with balls, coloring books, a domino set and other fun stuff!).

 Clown car?
She was going so fast that when she stopped, she just kept going!  

 All the fun Easter goodies that we made... Cake Pops, homemade chocolates, bird nest, Bunny Hutch

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