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Monday, September 3, 2012

August 26–September 1

We were very busy this week getting Selena’s fair projects all finished up before they are due next week.


We worked on the letter A more this week, and made playdoh letters.

Picture frame for fair.


Pictures Selena took for the Photo contest for the fair.


Pretty sisters at the park!


Swimming fun!


Beading project for the fair.


Crayon drawing for the fair.

Playing in the dark!


Sand flea rock craft.


Scrapbook page for fair.

Beaded ornament for the fair.

Fair entries are adding up…


More swimming fun


More fair projects, pom pom animal and a kit craft sand project.

August 19-25

From the pictures this week, it looks like we had more fun than school work…. And of course we all know that couldn’t possibly be the case :).  We worked on fair projects and math books, and read some fun dinosaur books.


Sunday fun babysitting some friend’s kids.


Finally the tooth fell out!

A pearl inside a muscle shell


A dahlia show or TWO! 

August 12-18

Not pictured is the first of the year assessments that I did.  Selena read sight word lists so we know what she knows and what we need to work on.  She also did some timed math sheets with her addition facts.

IMG_8150 IMG_8152IMG_8154 IMG_8157

The weather has been so nice we’ve been playing a lot outside.

IMG_8161 IMG_8163IMG_8164 IMG_8166IMG_8170  IMG_8174 

Sand project for the fair.

IMG_8176 IMG_8177

More outdoor fun!


Sealed evidence… containing our journals and national park passports, and all our recovered items (Thank you Lincoln County Sheriff’s office!)

IMG_8232 IMG_8233IMG_8235 IMG_8244

More fair projects, Selena wanted to paint her picture frame to look like a Mingus Selena.

 IMG_8252  IMG_8251

Sad to be returning all the ocean themed library books…