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Monday, July 11, 2011

Yellowstone Trip Day 6

Today we drove through Yellowstone and to Grand Teton National Park.  We caught of glimpse of the mountains the other day, and they looked beautiful.  We decided to stay the entire trip in one campground instead of packing up, we we just had more driving to do, but less packing and unpacking.  On our way south, we stopped at the Grant Village visitor center.  The exhibits were neat, and we got to see the boat launch area.  It was chilly this close to the water.  It was cool to drive here because we crossed the Continental Divide twice, and passed Isa Lake, that flows both towards the east and the west.  
Once we were out of the Grant area, it started pouring rain and hail.  It was very loud and wet.  Along the road south of Yellowstone, on the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial parkway, we saw a grizzly bear!  Our first one.  It was hanging out on the side of the road eating a snack.  On our drive south, we stopped at Cunningham Cabin, a national historic site.  the girls liked the cabin, and think it would be fun to live here.  

Once we got into Jackson, we stopped at the National Elk Refuge.  The visitor center was really cool.  the had binoculars set up and let us look through them at the animals.
On our way back north we saw a moose hanging out.  We drove up to the Lawrence S. Rockefeller Preserve, and I must say, this place was AMAZING.  I hiked in alone since the girls were asleep in the car, but it was totally worth it.  What a beautiful building in a beautiful place!

Once we got to back in the main part of the park, we learned that you must hula-hoop through the cross walks?  That's all I could figure this sign meant.  :)
Abby was sad, and Selena drew this picture...


  1. Thanks! We had a great trip, full of amazing sights and fun memories!