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Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 2012, Week 3!

What a busy week!  {as if any weeks aren't busy}
 Over Martin Luther King weekend, the girls, the grandmas and I went to Wenatchee to spend the weekend with my brother's family.  Jason owed me a ski trip from my birthday, so we went up to Mission Ridge.  It's hard to tell in this teeny tiny picture, but the Columbia River is in the background, I think my ski pole is pointing at it actually :).  We had a nice day, there wasn't very much snow, but it was so nice to spend some brother-sister time together.
 The kiddos really like playing together, and it is so much work that Abby fell asleep on the floor :).
 Tuesday was another ice skating day, but we didn't get to skate the whole time.  A storm was on it's way into town and it was super windy and there was a ton of sand and dirt on the ice.   
 We worked on telling time.  I thought this was supposed to be a hard concept but Selena picked it up really quick, Abby can even do whole and half hours!  Later we colored the Shrinky Dinks that the girls got for a Hanukkah gift.


We did some more subtraction practice (sorry the picture is sideways...) and worked on our space unit handwriting practice.
 By the end of the week we had over a foot of snow and we had fun playing outside . We shoveled, looked at some wild rabbit footprints, shoveled, built a snow hill, shoveled, made a snow fort, shoveled, oh yeah, and shoveled some more!  

Our space unit is going really well, the girls are learning SO much, and we are having tons of fun, too!

 We've read a lot of books from the library, watched some great documentaries, and hung up our poster board planets!  The other thing we've done is....

Watched Star Wars (not technically school work, but thematically appropriate)

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