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Friday, January 18, 2013

Creature and Plant Studies

The girls love watching shows like Wild Kratts, The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog and other educational shows.

Chris, Aviva, and Martin with a group of animals  

I made them a notebook and we are calling it our “Creaturepedia and Plantpedia” to have written descriptions of all the different things we learn about. 

We are starting with sections for Amphibians, Arthropods, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Mollusks, Plants, and Reptiles.

The worksheets I made up have a place for a sketch, fill ins for habitat, region of the world, and powers (or features) and a large writing block beginning with the starters, If I were a….. and All about….

This is just one way that I am able to include school work with what they consider to be a fun extra.  Honestly, I always considered watching these shows as part of our schooling anyways, and now I’m just adding in a writing piece. 

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