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Friday, September 27, 2013

Daughters of the American Revolution Monument Tour

We were lucky to be invited to attend the Washington State Board of Management meeting and go on the historic monument tour.  We learned so much, and can’t wait to revisit these sites to spend a little more time.


The Hutton Mansion, where May and Levi Hutton lived.  The Hutton family is an important family in this area, May was instrumental in the woman's suffrage movement here in Washington State.  After her death, Levi opened the Hutton Settlement orphanage in her name.


We visited Drumheller Springs Park to see the Chief Garry monument as well as Chief Garry’s burial location and monument.  There is so much history that I know nothing about.  We will be learning more about Chief Garry! 

Isabell Conway’s gravestone, Washington State’s only “Real Daughter” of the American Revolution.  Her father served as a patriot in the Revolutionary War.


The Strahorn mausoleum and monument were the final stop on the tour.  We learned about the family’s history and I bought the book, “The Amazing Strahorns.”  There is so much history here, that I will have to revisit it another time!

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