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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ice Skating for Fun

Friday night we took the girls ice skating for fun.  We got there at 430, and it closes for hockey practice from 5-7, so we only had a half an hour.  But that was fine, as that is about as long as we last on the ice.  We got all dressed up with our elbow pads, knee pads, helmets and skates.  We even brought Grandpa Don along to watch us!  The first thing we noticed was that it wasn't cold.  It was actually a reasonable temperature.  We had to skate around the ice instead of across the ice, and that was a bit of a concern since it is much further around.  We went around once with me holding Abby, and Greg with Selena.  The second time around we switched, and Selena wasn't too happy.  She took a break and Abby kept on skating.  Then they both took a break and Greg and I got to skate two times around with no kids (Greg's first time actually skating).  Then Abby wanted back out, "My toes aren't cold, keep skating!"
We skated the entire 30 minutes, with Abby wanting more, and Selena wanting less... It was fun, and we have 4 more times that we can go with no ice fees. 

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