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Monday, February 28, 2011

Presidents Day, School Day

We started the day with a little singing.  The standard Good Morning, and then Baa Baa Black Sheep at Abby's request, then Selena made up a song about cupcakes.
Our first boxes were about George Washington.  We used the Lesson Pathways lesson for the story of "George Washington and the Cherry Tree,"  We read the story and talked about honesty, and then colored pictures of cherry trees.

Then Abby used the rhyming folder game to practice her rhymes, and Selena read Cap rhyming words, and wrote a list of them, cap, flap, gap, map, lap, nap, rap, sap, tap, zap, clap, slap, strap, trap, snap.

 Our next activity was to make Lincoln's cabins, (Selena had already done this at school on Thursday, so just Abby had to make one today).  Then we read all about Lincoln's early life, and looked at a picture of his cabin on Knob Creek.  There is great information on the National Park Service webpage,
Then we played rhyming dominos, fast becoming a favorite.  Then read "Harold's Fairy Tale,"  the girls love the Harold series.  After reading the story, we watched the Scholastic DVD of "Harold and the Purple Crayon, "and "Harold's Fairy Tale."
During breakfast (a late one obviously) we did the last day of the Great Backyard Bird Count.  We only saw 8 Pine Sisken.  We were disappointed, we usually see doves, and a flicker, and geese flying by.  It has been a bad weekend for counting birds.
Abby wanted to do a little more work, so she worked with her tactile A and B cards, and filled in a page in her printing workbook.

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