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Monday, February 28, 2011


Friday we started out our day happily enough, with circle time and follow the leader.  We sang Good Morning to a variety of stuffed friends, and then sang about the weather (Cold and Snowy!).  Once we sat down on our rugs for work time, I knew we were going to have a problem.  Selena's first box were the Biscuit books that we've been reading all week.  She refused to read them, telling me she didn't know how.  I tried to talk her into reading them with me, but no luck.  So I told her that was fine, if she didn't want to participate she could sit in the chair and watch Abby do her work.  So while Abby did ALL of her schoolwork for the day, Selena sat and watched while huddled under a blanket.
Abby did a 1-10 Dot-to-Dot and colored it, then played rhyming dominos with me.  Next we played a folder game about beginning sounds, put together a puzzle, and read "The Bunny Hop."  Finally we did another 1-10 DTD.  Then it was lunch and naptime.
Both girls refused to nap!  It was a battle from 1230 till 3, telling them to go have quiet time or read a book, or just rest their eyes.  Finally, the threat of not getting to go to Grandma Judy's school movie night or stay the night worked to get them to settle down.  Then I told Selena that she wouldn't get to go if her schoolwork wasn't done.  So while I cooked dinner and studied for my State Boards exam, she worked her way through her school work, and showed Daddy how she does her activities.  She read her two Biscuit books, read and wrote rhyming words for Cat, played Sneaky Snake folder game (ending sounds), listened and helped read "Buzz Said the Bee," read and wrote her new sight words, and did a 1-10 DTD.  When she got to her last box (reading the book, "My Cap") she again claimed that she couldn't do it.  I said it would be too bad if she missed out on the movie if she didn't read her book.  When I went back to the kitchen to check on dinner, I could hear her reading the book to Abby.  So.. it was our first day where one of the two of them didn't want to do their assignments, but it worked out in the end.
And they both got to go to Grandma's school for movie night, and it was their favorite movie too, How to Train Your Dragon!

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