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Sunday, March 20, 2011

4-H Meeting and TEC

Wednesday, March 16th
Today I had a 4-H meeting for working with the parents, leaders, and kiddos for getting their 4-H Dahlia projects underway.  I love working with the families and can't wait to see how the project works out for the fair. 
I'm also always encouraged to visit with other homeschooling families!

On another note, last week, I visited the TEC (The Enrichment Cooperative).  I would go into great detail, but I'm not interested in the program, so I wont.  I'll leave it at this...
I'm choosing to homeschool, so I can make the decisions about what and when I teach things.  I would LOVE the opportunity to use the resources of the local school districts, but I'm not going to be roped into enrolling my children into an alternative program, and lose all the freedoms that I enjoy as a homeschooling family.  I will not check in with the school district with summaries of activities once a month.  I will not have a "certified" teacher tell me what I'm lacking in my day to day work.  We will surely miss out on the cooking classes and ballet, and the Jedi Training.. but we would miss out on our freedom more. 

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