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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bittersweet Feelings

The girls have attended Children’s Montessori for the past 17 months.  It has been a great experience for them and for us.  When I enrolled them in their classes (at the time Abby was in the Little Learners class, and Selena in the Pre-School class) I wasn’t sure how long they would be there, and how I was going to like having someone else be with them for the three days a week.  I enjoyed the freedom a bit, of having an “adult” thing to do, but at the same time, it broke my heart to leave them at school when they were sad to see me go.  This last school year, they have been in the same class, and that has provided them with new experiences as well.  With Selena taking on the “Mother Hen” roll with Abby, and Abby following her.  At home, Abby was always so strong willed and independent, it was fun to see her listening to her sister.
As March draws to an end, so does our time at Children’s Montessori.  It will be an adjustment to go back to staying home full-time, but the three (four) of us are looking forward to it.    No more rushing to get dressed and showered and fed to get out the door, no more tears at the door as I leave for the day, but also no more recess with friends.  I hope that we can develop some new friendships soon, and maybe be able to continue with a few from school. 

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