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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Day at Childrens Montessori

Today was the girls last day at school.  It is such a hard feeling, wondering if you are making the right choices at the right times.  The girls are so excited to make the change over to school at home full time.  I'm ready to be home with them every day.  It's the hardest part of being a parent, "Am I doing the right thing?"
I'll admit, I cried when I picked them up, I'm crying right now.  I want to make the right choices, the best choices.  I took some pictures to help us remember the day.
 Here they are, October 26, 2009, their first day of school!
 And here they are today.  (Are they wearing the same sweaters???) 

We took cupcakes and thank you cards to the teachers. 

  The teachers made a little book too, :')

 We love Miss Debbie and Miss Marissa!  We'll miss you so much. 
 Thanks to Miss Debbie ~ The director of the school. ~picture of the field trip to the library.
 Miss Michelle is always smiling, we'll miss her too! ~This picture is of Abby at the Mobius field trip.
 Playing at Mobius on a field trip :)
 Selena's friend Lucine drew this for her.
It's been a great two years at Children's Montessori.  We were never disappointed, and had so many fun times.  Thanks to all of you there who made this experience so great. 

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