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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Geography Book and Decorating for the Program

 I've been struggling with what to do with all our postcards that we have received through our Postcrossing adventure.  Finally, we sorted all the cards by continent, and then by country, then alphabetized them and put them in a scrapbook.  Before we placed them, we photocopied the backs of them so we wouldn't lose the writing on them by being one-sided.  We put the written words along side the postcard, and now can read each card as we flip through the book.  We have received 72 cards from 25 different countries.  We cut apart an atlas that wasn't quite up to date for studying, and put maps of each of the continents before each section.  We may add maps of the individual countries as we expand in the future, but for now, this works for us! 

In getting ready for our Thanksgiving Program, we needed a cover for our teepee, and took an old white sheet with a whole in it, and dyed it tan using strong black tea. 

 We also made some pumpkin and gourd decorations to hang from the ceiling above where the program is going to take place.

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