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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Girls Trip to Montana and Yellowstone!

We have friends in Livingston, Montana who I really wanted to visit this summer.  They were unable to be home when we were through their way in June, so two weeks ago I decided that I could take the girls on a trip over to visit, and make one more trip to Yellowstone while we were so close. 
I was a little worried, being the first trip I've taken where I'm the only adult along for more than one day.  We drove 1300 miles and traveled 4 states, camping along the way, and we had a great time!

 We enjoyed our drive through the Mammoth area, and got to see the terraces and springs.
 As we were driving along, we spotted a beautiful waterfall and a spouting chocolate pot.
 We drove the Firehole Canyon drive.

 And stopped to hike along the Fountain Paint Pot trail.

 After watching Old Faithful erupt and the short videos in the visitor center, we checked out the kids discovery room.


 Love the Sinclair dinosaur!
Thanks Selena for taking a picture of me! 

After our fun day in Yellowstone, we went to the Chico Hot Springs with our friends.  We had a great time swimming in the hot springs.  It was our first time swimming in the rain!  

 On Thursday we drove back towards home and stopped in Missoula to visit some dahlia friends.  We had a nice visit and stayed overnight.  Friday, we headed for home, but just to do laundry, because we were on our way to go camping with Grandma Judy one last time!

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