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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Skating Lessons

Today was the second of five lessons through the City Parks and Recreation department.  They have a really great Parent and Tot/Homeschool Family program.  This weeks lesson was much better than last week.  Last week, Selena would scream "I cannot do this!" over and over as she marched across the ice, and Abby had spaghetti legs and wouldn't put weight on her feet.  Today, Selena made it across the ice a few times, only falling on purpose (when she wanted a break), she did really great!  Abby still tried to play spaghetti, but once we figured to tell her to stomp her feet, she was pretty good.  Now we just need to practice marching in place, taking small steps, and balancing.  They had fun, which is the point, and were much more comfortable in their skates and on the ice.
Next Tuesday, we try again!

The best part, getting to ride the ponies on the way out :).  Selena asked me as we were driving down to the rink, "did you remember quarters Mommy?"

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