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Friday, August 5, 2011

4th day of Kindergarten

We had a busy day today, it is Daddy's birthday! So first order of business is to bake a cake.  When we opened the cupboard to get to our baking supplies, this is what we saw.
 WOW!  So, you can see the after picture.  What a difference!  Now we can find the decorating stuff and candles, and all the other baking goodies!  The girls had so much fun sorting through the sprinkles and cookie cutters. 
We received a postcard in our Geography project, it is from  The Netherlands and had so much information on it.  We learned about the Wadden Sea and the salt marshes.  Read all about it here!  We also got two more addresses to send cards to, one in Taiwan and one in Belarus.
 We are really enjoying watching our blue dahlia change.  We decided it was hard to see the changes without having another one to compare to, so we cut another of the same dahlia out of the garden and placed it next to the blue one.  Our observations for today are that the dahlia is indeed turning blue!  The dahlia has drank one and a half inches of water.

 Coloring by sight word (Ready2Read)
 Some math fun with Hi Ho! Cherry-O!
 Decorating our sight words! (Ready2Read)
 I haven't shown these before, but our Calendar Board and Reading Board.  We don't have enough wall space to do this on the wall, so I bought some tri fold project boards and we just put the one in front that we are working on.  {Next week we are going to make a new one!} 
 We decided to make books of our sight words after we take them off the Reading Board.  I just got the little dollar photo books and the words fit in just right.
Daddy's cake and presents.  The girls made cards and Abby even wrote her own name!!!  While I did some of my volunteer work at the park, the girls took Daddy to ice cream and they shared a banana split (their first one).  I hear that they really enjoyed it!

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