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Monday, August 1, 2011

Lesson Plans for 2011-2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Kindergarten (5 years) and Pre-Kindergarten (3 years)  The Pre-K will be along for the ride. We will do more focused ABC studies for her, but she will do what she can of what the K is doing and play games or do some Preschool Packs from Homeschool Creations.
11 subject areas required;  Health, History, Language Arts, Math, Music Appreciation, Occupational Education, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, and Writing. (I'm adding in Art, Life Skills, and Fitness)
My interpretation of these for our studies and what my plans for covering each of these are as follows:
{This list is not complete, I'm sure I will add resources as I see other ideas from other families}
Health and Fitness ~ I'm making this up as we go along.  Covering the food groups, healthy eating habits, exercise habits, and engaging in physical activity
History and Social Studies ~ Lesson Pathways 36 Week Guided Pathway We will add in resources, including World Book Clever Kids Study Skills
Language Arts ~ Lesson Pathways 36 Week Guided Pathway  We will pick and choose from this and add in our own, including from:  Teaching with Favorite Clifford Books, Learning Through Literature, First Grade Language, World Book Clever Kids Language Skills, Stories for Beginners
Math ~ Lesson Pathways 36 Week Guided Pathway in addition to 1-100 Activity Book, Mathematics with Unifix Cubes, Unifix Sudoku, Hands on Pattern Blocks, Patternables
Music Appreciation and Art ~  Miscellaneous/my own
Occupational Education and Life Skills ~ Miscellaneous/my own
Reading, Spelling, and Writing ~ The Moffatt Girls Ready 2 Read Program, Sight Word Fun, I Can Read! I Can Write!
Science ~ Lesson Pathways 36 Week Guided Pathway, Easy Science Experiments, Holt Science

 Our new bookshelf in the kitchen (I don't have a before picture, but this location always had a stack of miscellaneous papers, or boxes, or books)

 Daily "What we did" list.  I made this method up today, since it was the first day and I hadn't planned ahead... I'm going to try it out for a while instead of the "What we are going to do" list.  
 I typed up the state guidelines and assigned them numbers, and then typed up a spreadsheet with each of the numbers with columns for dates of introduction, practice, practice, review, and mastery.  I think this will keep me in line with meeting my state's guidelines.
I'm looking forward to our first "official" year of homeschooling!


  1. looks great :) have a great year!

  2. Great idea on the "what we did lists".

    Blessings for a wonderful year!