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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Second Day of Kindergarten

We started the day early, we were out in the garden by 730, and the girls helped me "harvest" some seeds from our Allium plants.  We discussed the importance of keeping the seeds, and where we will plant them next year. 

 The girls got a little worn out, so they brought out the play tent, blankets, and pillows.  Look at how many seed pods we collected!
 We collected some pansies and did a little reading in our Handbook of Nature Study, and learned about little pansy faces and the little man that lives inside. 
 Color by sight word and color by word family sheets (Ready2Read)
 Our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees are all decorated up!
 Word Family -ip and -ig word sort (Ready2Read)
 Homemade sight word - word search.
 Occupying herself while Selena and I have one-on-one time together.
 Math fun, correspondence and comparing
Caterpillar sight word body parts (Ready2Read)
 This was an impromptu little project... After dinner, Greg goes, "Think we can turn that white dahlia blue?"  So we decided to do a scientific method project. 
Problem Statement:  I wonder if we can make a blue dahlia.
Procedure:  Make blue water for the dahlia to drink.
Hypothesis:  It will turn blue and it will take 20 hours to change (this estimate started at 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, and then we had to have a discussion on time).
Observations:  We made a table, Selena thought that we needed to monitor the size of the bloom (probably left over from measuring the seed growth this spring).  We are also going to be monitoring the colors, the day and time we make our observations, and the water level in the vase (to see if the dahlia is really drinking the blue water). 
I can't wait till tomorrow to see what the status of our "blue dahlia" is!
 To finish the day, we went for a walk.  The girls pushed their strollers and ran on ahead.  We definitely needed the exercise!

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