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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Third Day of Kindergarten

We started the day with some free play time.  
We did an observation of our blue dahlia project, we see blue tips starting!
We met the local homeschool group at the park to play.

I didn't know this park had a wading pool...  we were disappointed that we didn't have a change of clothes or swimsuits with us.  I guess we'll have to come back (Darn!)  Abby decided to take a little nap in the shade :)

We did another observation of our dahlia, and determined that 20 hours wasn't going to be long enough to turn the dahlia blue.  More tips were blue and there were speckles on the petals.
We also did a review of our -ip and -ig word families and sorted words, practiced our sight words.
The girls practiced their story telling skills with taking turns retelling the story of "The Billy Goats Gruff", it is SO cute to hear Abby's little voice saying "trippity trap, trippity trap" and "No crossing my bridge!"
We reviewed the Pansy story from yesterday and picked another one to look at its little face.


After dinner work on our Ready2Read pages, including a little color sorting and pattern making.  We also did some Kumon cutting practice pages for Abby.
What a fun day!  
~We mailed a postcard to Lithuania today, read about it at Mommy and Me Geography


  1. Happy Days! We love the Kumon cutting practice pages here also!

  2. They are such good practice for our little one (3 years)