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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

We had a great day, without a whole lot of planning, and it seemed just like any other day...  
We started the day with  Ready2Read from The Moffatt Girls, we are continuing on from what we started already this summer, so we are in Unit 2 and introduced -ip words today.
I didn't take pictures, but Selena and I did a great intro Scientific Method during free play time.  We had a small cap (similar to a toothpaste tube lid) and a plastic tea set teacup.  Selena wanted to fill the big cup with scoops from the cap.  She thought that 10 caps would fill the cup.  Then we tried 20 caps, still not enough.  57 wasn't enough either.  We were surprised to find that it took exactly 100 small caps to fill the teacup.  We were able to observe surface tension in action.  Then she made an amazing (I'm biased) point, it would take 100 people putting one cap each in the cup!  That is some pretty impressive thinking for the first day of school!
Next we started our Language Arts unit of Billy Goats Gruff.  We have been eagerly anticipating this story set.
  Themed Billy Goats Gruff playdoh mats from Lesson Pathways activity (I printed them in black and had the girls color them before slipping them into page protectors)
 ABC practice with Abby
Totally cute ABC craft for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from The Crafting Chicks, we will add the letters tomorrow.

Finding something quiet to do while big sister finishes up school work :).
During lunch, the girls were asking about pickles, what are they, why do they taste like that, how do they make them... So, we are going to make some pickles!  We'll probably wait a little while (at least till I get to the store and get the supplies!)

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