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Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 1 Olympic Peninsula Trip

Crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Crossing the floating bridge at Port Gamble.  Hood Head, the nothern extent of Hood Canal is the island looking thing out there.
Enjoying the park at the campground.
Yummy sea snails for dinner :)
Camp before and after the fire…
I’m going to try to type in my written journal of each day.  I will type it exactly as I originally wrote it to get the real emotions/feelings of the events.
Journal Entry 1
Day 1 of our 12 day girls camping adventure!  And what a day it was.  We left the house at 9:15 and had an uneventful day driving the 400 miles to camp.  The girls either read, played with the Tags, or napped most of the drive.  We got to camp at 5:15 pm and it is beautiful here and the site is perfect.  We explored camp a bit before getting all settled in.  There is a fun little park a short walk from our site with swings, a big slide, and a big toy.  Even the bathrooms and showers are nice.  When we got back to the trailer is when the fun started.  We set the girls up playing with their princesses and play houses by the picnic table and we thought we would get the inside fo the trailer set up.  We got the gas turned on and went ahead and put the fridge to gas and lit the pilot light.  While I was sitting there on the floor, I opened up the fuse box and fixed the fuse for the radio, presto we have music! And spark! We have a spark at the fuse.  No big deal, just static, right?
Flames erupted from the front of the fridge, right in my face!  We grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran outside and there were flames in the fridge access panel of the fridge too!  I couldn’t get the extinguisher to work so I handed it off and started yelling “FIRE, FIRE, HELP, FIRE, SOMEONE HELP!”  Noone, not a single person, came to help.  Mom got the fire out and I got the gas turned off.  After the initial excitement and fear wore off, we were so thankful that if this was going to happen, at least it happened without anyone getting hurt or serious damage.  An RV guy is coming to check it out for us tomorrow, but we are pretty sure the fridge is toast.  It’s late and I’m exhausted!  We have lots to do tomorrow (our scheduled activities, plus new errands {new fire extinguishers and ice}). 
This is sure to be an adventure!
End of journal entry.
I’m so very thankful that the fire yesterday wasn’t worse.  It was very scary and to think about what could have happened is terrible.  I used that fridge on gas when I took the girls by myself to Yellowstone last year.  If that had happened during the night with me by myself, I don’t know if I could have gotten myself and the girls out of bed and out of the trailer in time.  I know I wouldn’t have had time to use the fire extinguisher.  We also could have walked away after lighting it to go for a hike or play outside and the whole trailer would have burned down, if not the truck 5 feet away.  Its so scary, and I’m glad there is a guy coming out to check it out in the morning.
I hope day 2 is more fun than scary!

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