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Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 2 Port Angeles

We had a really fun day in Port Angeles today.
We went to the Feiro Marine Life Center, a really neat place that has tanks to look in with lots of sea creatures, as well as touch tanks so you can feel all the different animals. 

Sea star suckers, many legged sea star.
Basket star and a little star.
Selena holding a sea star, Abby touching a tube worm, and the girls playing in the touch tanks.
Can you see the fish?
Baby six legged sea star, for size reference the wiped line is my finger width!  It is a tiny star, just a few weeks old.  Bottom of a limpet.
Sea anemones, limpet bottom, Lion Nudibranch.
End of City Pier in Port Angeles.
Fun ship toy to play on.
Vie of ocean from camp.  Hike to Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.
Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, and the Dungeness Spit.
Hiking on the Dungeness Spit, the longest natural sand spit in the world!  The hike to the lighthouse at the tip of the spit is 11 miles round trip, we did not hike to the lighthouse! 
View of spit with large ship near the bend.
Another pinterest snack.  
Journal Entry
Last to bed first to wake up!  Mom hasn’t been feeling well and didn’t get much sleep so I’ll let her and the girls rest as long as possible.  The repair man is coming at 9, so if they aren’t up by 8, that's when I’ll wake them. 
Before bed last night we played go fish and memory with the kids.  They seemed to like that.  After our unplanned errands, I still hope to get a couple fun things done.  We had planned to go tot he Feiro Marine Life Center and the Olympic Coast Discovery Center.
I know the beach/ocean is only like 50 yards away out of the trees, but we couldn’t see it for find a trail when we explored yesterday.  Finding the beach is a BIG priority today :).
Today was a lot of fun and not as much stress.  We had the repair guy out this morning and got us all secured for the rest of the trip.  We went into Port Angeles and visited the Feiro Marine Life Center on City Pier.  I don’t know for sure what I expected, but it was great.  They had lots of exhibits to see and touch tanks with animals.  We got to touch sea anemone, tube worms, sea stars, rock and hermit crabs, chitins, barnacles, sea urchins, sea squirts, and many others.  In the other tanks we saw flounder, sole, nudibranchs, limpets, 6-legged sea stars (and babies!) {they were very small from this size (3 mm) to this size (1/4 inch), nearly a year old(!) to about 8 inches across}.  Scallops and a giant octopus (plus tons more I’m forgetting).  The girls were too shy to touch some of the animals but eventually warmed up to the idea of touching them.  Selena even had her finger hugged by a sea urchin!!  I really liked getting to touch the creatures and a sea anemone even injected me with neurotoxin (according to our tour guide guy), totally safe since I’m not a crustacean.
After the marine center we went to the top of the pier observation tower and watched a ship and ferry come in.  It was VERY windy!  There was a really cute toy that the girls played on for a while and then we explored the Olympic Coast Discovery Center.  There were some neat exhibits and even cool ROV submarine videos from around the area.,
We stopped at Walmart and got our coolers, ice, and fire extinguishers, as well as new shoes for Selena, because we always outgrow our shoes ON vacation.  Back at camp the girls played and we had lunch (grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup).  After lunch we hiked over to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.  We enjoyed our walk through the woods to the sand spit.  Once we made it to the beach it was high tide so it was hard walking, the spit is only about 50 feet across with driftwood logs through the middle.  We didn’t see any live wildlife, but did see lots of deer foot/hoof prints and a large bird track. 
Back at camp the girls played then we had a snack (fruit palm trees) the girls loved them.  Now everyone is asleep but me, so I got to write this huge journal entry!  We are considering a schedule change for tomorrow.  We will decide in the morning.

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