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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 6 Hoh Rainforest and Twilight Country

Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center and Hall of Mosses trail.       
Hall of Mosses Trail
Spruce Nature Trail, did I just see fairy wings sparkle in the light??? :)
 IMG_1194 100_2343
Twilight Country, Bella’s truck in Forks and sea stacks off La Push Beach.
Yummy fish lunch in Forks!
     100_2370 IMG_1210     100_2364    
Walking along Ruby Beach.
Abby with Abbey Island, Ruby Beach.
Creatures we found along the beach, a ladybug and a slug!
Destruction Island and lighthouse from Ruby Beach.
While we were away from camp a submarine parked next to us!  Too bad it wasn’t yellow :).
Chicken Salad Crab pitas for dinner.
Journal Entry
Today we had a fun day.  First we went to the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center and checked out the exhibits.  There were lots of displays teaching us about the different mosses, ferns, trees, and other plants as well as animals that live in this part of the park.  After picking out some postcards we went for a short .8 mile hike on the Hall of Mosses trail.  In the Maple Grove there were many kinds of mosses and it was pretty impressive to see how big al the trees grow.  We also got to see quite a few nurse logs (where after a tree falls down, it becomes the perfect habitat for small plants and even more trees to grow).  The girls loved posing for pictures at the bases of some of these huge trees.
After the Hall of Mosses we hiked the Spruce Nature trail.   This trail brought us alongside the Hoh River for part of the way.  This 1.2 mile loop took us through some very fairy like places.  We kept an eye out for little hideaways where they could live.  Abby thinks that these were perfect places for Silvermist, but I think all fairies would love it here.  We kept the girls hiking by “spotting” a flash of wings just ahead on the trail.  This worked surprisingly well!
Once we were done in the rainforest we went to Forks.  We stopped and collected some Twilight inspired handouts and had a delicious lunch of fish, shrimp, and clams.  THIS is the kind of fish lunch we were looking for!  The girls LOVED the clam strips.  Next we went to Rialto Beach, across the river from La Push.  This is a beautiful beach with tall sea stacks and a very rocky beach.
On our drive back  to camp, we stopped at Ruby Beach, where the sand is supposed to be tinged reddish pink, but we didn’t notice.  While here we walked along the beach, climbed through a sea arch, and hiked to Abbey Island.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  We could even see Destruction Island and the lighthouse in the distance.  The girls even found a ladybug on the beach.  They seem to find them everywhere we go.  We had yummy chicken salad crabs for dinner and a threat of going home on a bus (who knew this would make both of them cry?).  All is well and we will continue our adventure.

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