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Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 3 Shipwreck Point and Neah Bay

Sleeping Beauty :)  Abby thinks that this stretchy headband is an eye mask, it’s very cute.
Shipwreck Point was really neat.  We got go explore a sandy intertidal area with chiton, crabs, anemones and lots of other little creatures.  The girls really enjoyed walking around the kelp and rocks.  The little pools of water were warm and felt nice on the feet.
After Shipwreck Point we went to the Makah Tribal and Research Museum on the Makah Indian Reservation.  The museum was so much more than I expected, it had great exhibits and a lot of history of the area.  There were no pictures allowed in the museum, but we did get some  postcards.

IMG_1805 IMG_1810
Also on the Makah Indian Reservation is the Cape Flattery Trail to view Tatoosh Island.  It is a nice little hike with slices of trees made into stepping stones and boardwalk most of the way.  This hike takes you to the most northwestern part of the continental United States!
We stopped back at Shipwreck Point at high tide to see how much the water had changed.  You couldn’t see any of the small rocks, and just this much of the big rock peeked out.
We had another Pinterest inspired snack and then a campfire to roast marshmallows.
800 am July 8th
We were so busy and had so much fun yesterday, I didn’t have time to write.  We did change our plan and skipped Hurricane Ridge in favor of Neah Bay and Cape Flattery.  On the drive out there we stopped at Shipwreck Point.  It was low tide so we could walk way out on the beach.  There were rocks but it wasn’t rocky along the coast.  We saw lots of neat creatures, small fish, rock crabs, hermit crabs, sea anemones, snails, limpets, chitons, barnacles, a kelp bed, and more.  We were the only people on the whole beach!  After leaving the beach, we drove to Neah Bay on the Makah Indian Reservation.  We visited the Makah Cultural and Research Center museum.  There were some neat exhibits. Whaling canoes and a full whale skeleton.  There were also artifacts from the Ozette settlement.  Baskets, nets, toys, and even a replica long house that we could go inside!
After the museum we hiked along the Cape Flattery trail to view Tatoosh Island.  On the hike we saw lots of neat trees and ferns.  The trail is mostly boardwalk with some stumping stones ( ha ha).  Selena learned the hard way that they were slippery.
1037 pm
I couldn’t finish this entry this morning so I’ll do it tonight.
At the end of the hike you get to see some neat sea caves and Tatoosh Island.  We were able to watch some kayakers go into one of the caves.  On Tatoosh Island there is a lighthouse.  This trail takes you tot he most northwestern part of the US that you can hike to (excluding Alaska of course).  After returning to camp we had chicken fajitas then marshmallows around the campfire.  It was a nice sunny day without a lot of wind (in other words, perfect!).

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