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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 4 Tongue Point and Olympic National Park Visitor Center

We were nearly the only people visiting Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary this morning.  We had the tide pool areas to ourselves!

It was foggy, but still really neat to see.
At the Salt Creek Recreation area there was a fun playground and the girls played for a while.  On our way out of the area we saw this family of deer.
At the Olympic National Park Visitor Center we got to check out some really neat exhibits and watch  a movie about the area. 
We stopped at the Dream Playground on our way through town, it was so much fun.  There were castles, and tree forts, and a lighthouse!
Back at camp we started taking things down to get ready to move camps tomorrow.
Selena is so creative, she made a charcoal pencil out of a twig and drew this picture!
Before bed we made these really cute jellyfish crafts.
Whew!  I just finished getting ready for bed, I’m awfully tired so I don’t know how much I’ll get down.  We started today out with a relaxing morning with Spam and eggs for breakfast and then the first showers of the trip!  Once we were on the road, we went to Salt Creek Recreation Area and Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary.  We got to walk out on the rocky tidepools at access 2 (?) as well as the main enterance (#2? was better).  We saw tons of muscles, sea anemone, sea urching shells, two sea stars, crabs, chitons, kelp and more.  It was lots of fun to walk out there.  On our way back through Port Angeles, we stopped at the Olympic National Park visitor center.  We enjoyed the exhibits as well as the kids discovery room.  We got to watcha video about the many parts that make up the park.  We decided that we would enjoy eating fish since we are in a “port” town.  It was fairly difficult to find a fish place.  We drove all over the place.  We even ended up at the end of Ediz Spit.  On our drive through town we spotted a really neat park.   It has the same kinds of toys as the park in Wentachee.  It was loads of fun.
We did find a fish place, but we were not impressed.  We have better seafood at home than this place.  This evening, we prepared camp for leaving tomorrow.  The girls played outside and found a cool clearing to play in.  We even had time to make a jellyfish craft and go on a flashlight hike to the playground before bed.  It was a really fun day and we will be sad to leave our really cool campsite.

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