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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 5 Kalaloch and Sol Duc Falls

Scavenger hunt around camp and playing with the princesses.
Hike to Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park.
Camp at Kalaloch, what a beautiful site!  It is very large!
Oops!  Stepped in a mud hole!  Look at the little spot we found :).
Kalaloch Beach, we had the place to ourselves!  We didn’t build this sand castle, it was there when we got there.  It was beautiful!
Beautiful little girl!  Grandma and Selena flying the kite.

10:30pm                                                                                                                   July 9
We had another busy day today.  We started out by having a scavenger hunt at our Dungeness Recreation Area campsite.  The girls sure had fun finding leaves, pinecones, rocks and bark, and then decorating the table with them.  On our way through town we bought more postcards and mailed off the ones we had written.  We stopped at Lake Crescent because we wanted to hike to Mary mere Falls, but couldn’t find a parking place.  We decided to hike to Sol Duc Falls near the Sol Duc Hot Springs instead.  We had a very nice 1.6 mile hike to some beautiful waterfalls.  We saw many little places where it looked like fairies could live.  After the hike we drove to our new camp at Kalaloch.  we have a very neat site with woods and little trails all over.  After dinner, we hiked along the nature trail to the beach.  There was a neat fort built out of drift wood logs.  There was also a big sand castle built with stones and shells.  It gave us lots of ideas for when we build our own.  While we were on the beach, we flew the kite!  It was loads of fun.  After the beach, we went to the ranger program called “Mystery Island.”  We learned all kinds of neat things about the Olympic Peninsula or Olympus Island.  It is very similar to Havai’i :).  I’ll write more about that in the morning.  I’m tired!
11:54pm                                                                                                                        July 10
So much for writing this morning!  I’m also going to skip writing tonight.  I’ve made a list of what to cover in the morning (or afternoon).  We are breaking camp and heading south tomorrow.
According to the ranger talk the Olympic Peninsula is an island because it is completely surrounded by water.  The Pacific Ocean to the west, the Strait of Juan De Fuca to the north, Puget Sound to the east, and Chehalis River to the south, connecting to Black Lake which drains both to the Sound and to the Chehalis River.  Very interesting!!

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