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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 11, Paradise Camp

Our camp site

Playing in the kid pool.


 Poozie and Inchy.

Fun hiking in the campground. 

Today we had a nice relaxing day at camp.  After a slow start we had "Salmon Eggs" for breakfast (That is what the girls thought we were saying instead of Spam and Eggs, it was pretty funny!).  The girls played with Poozie the little caterpillar we found here the other day.  It rained in the night and early morning, so we were worried she would have been too wet in her little cage, but she climbed on the back of her lunch leaf and stayed dry.  While playing outside the girls found an inchworm to be Poozie's friend.  They named it Inchy.
After it dried out a bit we went to a walk around the little lake.  It was a really short walk and not nearly as nice as the nature trail at Little Diamond.  We stopped at the little store and all got Slush Puppy's or "slushy dogs" as the girls called them.  We went back to camp and avoided the slugs on the way.  Later when we decided to go swimming, it started to pour, lucky for us we had just started to walk over tot he pool so we ran back and took the truck.  The pool here is very nice.  They have a large family pool (closed while we were here), a big adult pool (~90), a small 6 and under pool (~70) and a neat hot tun (100+)
The girls enjoyed playing in the little pool and we all had fun in the big pool.  The girls even brought along their new toys that grandma got them. They are a lot of fun.  Selena got a mommy orca with three babies, and Abby got a large mermaid mom with baby, starfish, and sea horse.
After we were swimmed out we got to take showers and get all cleaned up for the drive home tomorrow.  At camp we had Rica A Roni (the San Francisco treat!) followed by a final campfire with the color flame packet.  It didn't work very well (last time we used all three in one fire, but wanted to save some for our next trip).

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