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Monday, August 6, 2012

Oregon Trip Day 1, Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Day one of our Oregon Coast adventure.  What an exciting day.  I never knew much about Newberry Volcano nor the National Volcanic Monument.

My beautiful girls at the largest volcano in the Cascade Range.

The Three Sisters in the distance.
Look, lava!  :)

Day 1 of our Oregon Coast/Crater Lake trip in in the books! :) We just got settled here in the Beaver Marsh Rest Stop.  We decided to stay here instead of Walmart because it was too early to hang out for the night, and this puts us an hour closer to Crater Lake for tomorrow.
We had a pretty uneventful drive down.  We stopped and had lunch and got gas in Boardman, Oregon.  (After playing “Guess that bridge” with Grandpa).  After a seemingly endless 55mph highway, we got to Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  We were just in time to go in the visitor center and bookstore.  After they closed we enjoyed a picnic dinner in the park.  We also got to go on two short hikes, The Whispering Pines and The Trail of the Molten Lava.  The second trail was really neat with all the different parts of the lava flow along the path to Lava Butte.
I learned so much.  I didn’t know that Newberry is the largest volcano in the Cascade Range!  I also didn’t know that there are two lakes in the caldera and there is a lot of hydrothermal activity around the lakes. 
My ankle is still very sore (I twisted it on Tuesday) and swollen, I’m very glad I was able to wrap it to hike.  I’m super sleepy after driving 500 miles and exploring.  Tomorrow is Crater Lake Day!

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