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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 2, Crater Lake

Beautiful girls!

Who knew waking up in a rest stop would be so much fun :)

Our first look at Crater Lake, a picture of the view my passengers got (you can't tell, but I hear that it was a scary view off the edge of the road). 

 Our camp at Crater Lake, BEAUTIFUL!

Pumice Castle and Vidae Falls

Phantom Ship

Pinnacles and Plaikini Falls.  

This is how much ash fell during the eruption of Mt. Mazama!

Wow!  What a busy fun filled LONG day!  We woke up this morning in a rest stop :).  I think everyone slept okay.  I had set the time on the clock wrong, so I thought we were getting up at 7, but we actually slept in till 8!  We had Spam and eggs for breakfast and then got on the road to Crater Lake.  After entering the park we got our first glimpse of the lake!  It was beautiful!  We got to drive around the rim past the visitor centers to the campground.  We were concerned they would be full, but we got a tent site, until I told the lady again that we had a trailer and then we got to choose our own “yellow” site.  We got a really nice large site.  After setting up camp and having lunch we headed back to the visitor center.  We picked up our Junior Ranger packets and started working on them.  Next we headed up to the visitor center along the rim.  We did a little shopping and enjoyed the Junior Ranger program.  The kids got to make postcards of what they liked best about the park.  Selena drew a ranger badge and the lake and Abby drew a boboat (bobcat with the c an o) and trees.  For their effort they got ranger patches.
Then we drove the rim drive around the caldera edge.  We saw lots of neat views of the lake and island.  We also saw Mt. Thielsen in the distance.  We saw the pinnacles and hiked to Plaikni Falls.  The trail was pretty steep!! The trail was 2 miles long so we put the girls in the trailer so I could push them like a walker.  We finished up the drive and had chicken fajitas for dinner.  We had a color fire and then bedtime for the girls.  The adults enjoyed the fire for a bit longer then Greg went tannin :).  We all did foot soaks in tea.  Man it feels nice to get clean feet.  Tomorrow we move along to the beach.

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