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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 8, Westport

100_2386                          westport old tower
The new observation tower  and the vintage observation tower at the end of town.  In the vintage picture, I’m in the front in the red pants, my brother is to the right, Uncle Jerry and Cousin Jake are behind me, and Great Grandpa is in the back.

100_2396  westport tower top
The view from the top, 2012 and ~1986.  Next time we go I’ll have to try to get a closer angle :)
We walked out to the tip of the harbor and watched some boats coming in for the day.  One of our favorite stores in town, The Basket Shop.
After being good while shopping (kind of) the girls got 75 cent ice cream cones.   and posing for a traditional picture from town.
Sand dollar! Princess sand castle fun!
Today we spent most of the day in one of my favorite places.  Westport!  We used to come here when I was a kid and I still love exploring the little shops and docks.  There is a new observation tower at the end of town and we all hiked to the top.  As we walked to the end of the people walk to the entrance of the harbor, a boat came around and we all waved at the people.  After shopping we grabbed a fish and chips and chowder from the One Eyed Crab and had a picnic at the Westport Light State Park.  The food was delicious!  We walked out to the surf and collected some sand dollars.  After dinner we walked to the beach and played in the sand.  There wasn’t enough wind to fly the kite.  We did find some sandcastles that had been abandoned and the princesses moved right in!   They also made princess pie :).  We stayed at the beach till sunset, but there were too many clouds to see it.
Our camp is really nice.  We are really close to the beach and have quite a bit of privacy.  There are small trees that Selena can climb by herself and Abby even tries.  There are small dune trails to explore and it will be nice to visit again when the girls are bigger.
We have a busy day scheduled for tomorrow.  We are going to try to tour the lighthouse and hunt for more sand dollars before leaving the beach.  We will head for Mt. St. Helens and the Paradise Campground.  I haven’t been to Mt. St. Helens since we spent the day after Grandpa’s funeral.  I hope that next time we get this way, we have time to explore Ape Cave and the southern portion of the park.

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