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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 5, Oregon Coast Aquarium

Japan Tsunami Dock, Agate Beach, Newport, OR

Whale Spouts!!!

Agate Beach 

Beautiful sunset at the South Jetty Beach.

What a day!  It’s super late but I want to get the basics down and elaborate more in the morning.  After a breakfast of Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Buttersworth (they get along famously) we were off to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  The girls had a great time and learned a lot.  We got to see demonstrations in the sea otter exhibit as well as the aviary.  There were sea lions, seals, a giant octopus, even a cool tunnel fish display.  There were displays for the different parts of the ocean, coastal, tide pools, and open ocean.  We even got to see sea horses and touch sting rays.
After the aquarium we went to Agate Beach State Park and the girls played while we walked to the Japanese tsunami dock.  We got to see them building a road onto the beach to get it moved.  What an amazing thought that this piece floated all this way.
On our drive back to camp I saw a whale spout in the ocean.  When I pulled over and we watched, there were LOTS of spouts!  I even got a picture of a whale tail and back!
We got back to camp just in time to watch the sunset and start some laundry.  Now I’m exhausted!  Goodnight!

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