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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 9, Westport Light State Park

Checking out of Grayland Beach State Park Campground.  
It was so much fun here, we will definitely come back!

The Gray's Harbor Lighthouse at Westport Light State Park.  

Walking along the beach, right before the wave tried to eat Abby :)
After the wave knocked Abby down...   

Sleep masks are amazing things :)

A couple of mermaids followed us to the next campground!

We had a great day today.  After breaking camp we drove to the lighthouse and climbed to the top!  There are 138 steps to the top, and the girls did great!  It is always fun to learn how things have changed, like seeing the old bulb and lens and the new bulb that replaced it.  After the lighthouse we went to the beach again and found more sand dollars.  While we were walking along the shore, a wave tried to eat Abby!  Not really but that is the made up story we told.  The girls were walking along and a wave splashed over Abby's feet, when the next wave came in, it surprised her and she fell down in the water.  She was VERY upset.  We headed back to the truck and trailer because she wouldn't calm down.  Along the way she ended up taking off the wet clothes and got back just wearing panties.  At least they were Ariel ones, so they matched the activity.  We had a picnic lunch in the trailer and then were off to our new camp.
Once at the new camp we had a great time swimming in the neat pools.  The big pool was really warm, so even though it was almost dark, we were nice and toasty.

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