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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Around the World Day 10: Sri Lanka

Making paper chains like they do in Sri Lanka!

We learned that people from Sri Lanka are called Sri Lankan and speak either Sinhala or Tamil (maybe both)!  The way they say Merry Christmas is to say, Kirusmas Vazphuphal!  We enjoyed drinking a variety of teas and tasting cinnamon, both things that are grown in Sri Lanka.  They love to decorate Christmas Trees and use handmade paper chains to do so.  The Christmas Tree at church is called the Tree of Light.

Work board.


In Sri Lanka, they grow tea and cinnamon.  Beautiful colors of paper strips for our paper chains.


Paper chains in progress and egg roll and rice dinner.


Third night of Hanukkah and Chris the elf!


The International tree and Jingle and Bell story time!

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