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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Around the World Day 17: Russia

Today we studied Russia. We sure enjoyed looking at the beautiful cathedrals in St. Petersburg. We even started coloring our very own St. Basil’s Cathedral.  We learned that Russia is the worlds largest country and it is in both Europe and Asia.  The people in Russia are called Russian and speak Russian.  Merry Christmas in Russian is S’Rozhdestvom Khristovym!  Russians recognize a similar character as La Befana who they call Babouschka.  She also is thought to have turned away the Three Wise Men and now delivers treats on Epiphany Eve.


Work board.



Chris hanging out in Abby’s room.


Abby says she has been having bad dreams and if she sleeps on the floor outside Selena’s door, Selena’s dream catcher works for her.  We really need to get her dream catcher made!  Also, do you see my cute new slippers that I got as a Hanukkah gift from the girls?  I LOVE THEM!

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