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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Around the World Day 3: Scotland and Wales

Today we didn’t have very far to travel from England.  We visited Scotland and Wales. 

We learned that both Scotland and Wales are part of the United Kingdom with Northern Ireland and England. 
Scotland includes the northern part of the Island of Britain as well as over 790 islands including the Northern Isles and the Hebrides.  People from Scotland are called Scottish or Scots, and speak English.  People from Wales are called Welsh, and speak both Welsh and English.  Wales has a distinctive culture including its own language, customs, holidays, and music.
People in Scotland don’t celebrate Christmas as a big deal as we do.  To them, New Years is a larger celebration.  They are still visited by Santa Claus, and think that he would make a fine person to be their “first footer” or the first person to come in their door on New Years day. 
We have many ancestors from Scotland, and even some royalty.  Merida the Disney Princess in the movie Brave is from Scotland as well.  Scottish families have a unique tartan, or plaid, associated with them.
In Wales, a person wishing to marry, gives the gift of a carved wooden lovespoon.  There are many symbols that can be carved on them, and they all mean different things. 
In our box today, there were Scottish shortbread cookies!  Yum!
What was in the craft box?  2 bars of soap, some sheet music, and strips of colored paper.  Many Christmas carols originated in Wales, including Deck the Halls and the Holly and the Ivy.
Learning and filling in our Scotland and Wales worksheets.
Scottish breakfast eggs, Yum!
Scottish shortbread cookies
I didn’t realize just how much tartan we had in our wardrobes. :)
Our tartans, aren’t they beautiful? 
After our tartan making was done, we took a break to watch Brave.
After the movie we made some bear carvings out of soap.
We had our winter dance recital, it is slightly out of theme, since it is Irish dancing!  Thank you to our great teachers at the An Daire Academy!

Selena is at 1:18-1:39 and Abby is at 3:38-3:52
Two new ornaments on the International Christmas Tree.
Chris the Elf on the Shelf.
Craft activities, tartan making supplies, bars of soap.  Food item – Scottish Shortbread.

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