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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Around the World Day 4: Ireland

After a short boat ride across the Irish Sea, we arrived at the Emerald Isle of Ireland. 
The morning table.  Treat bag, shamrock plant, and notebooks.
Today we learned about the Irish people of Ireland.  They speak both English and Gaelic (we can speak a bit of Gaelic as well).  Santa visits Ireland, but hides small presents around the house for the kids to try to find.  Families in Ireland place lighted candles in the windows on Christmas Eve to welcome the Holy Family in to rest. 
Today is also St. Barbara’s Day, and one thing we learned about that is the Polish people believe that if it is icy and cold on St. Barbara’s Day then it will be warm and wet on Christmas and if it is warm and wet on St. Barbara’s Day then it will be cold and icy on Christmas.  It was warm and rainy today, so we’ll see if this lore is correct.
Finding the “hidden” presents.
What’s inside the Ireland bag?  Tartar sauce for fish and chips, candles for the windows, and holly.
Hard at work!
Work board.
After morning school work, we went to the “All Things Irish” store in Coeur d’Alene.  We’ve never been there before and it was so much fun!
Beautiful napkin rings and china decorated with shamrocks.
“wee little trouble maker” indeed!
Tartan ties and scarves and some beautiful tree ornaments.
We spent more than we should have, but there were so many neat and interesting little things to find!
The lady at the store told us about Ireland and gave us this little fold out map.
Guess what else they had at the Irish store… Welsh lovespoon information!
We had a lot of fun walking around the shop area and even took Santa’s sleigh for a ride. 
The candy shop, I did let the girls get a treat, they chose to share a “slushy dog” otherwise known as a Slush Puppy.
Some of the neat trinkets we got at the Irish store.  I got a charm bracelet and a few charms for each of the girls.  A God’s Promise Bell, it came with the following “My Lord is always with me giving me strength I can feel and though you cannot see it, my faith in Him is real.  This small bell reminds me each and every day of His promise to guide me with all I do and say.”  Also, two Dogwood Crosses “Crucified on a cross made from a Dogwood tree, God gave His only son who died for you and me.  This cross is a reminder of our faith in God above, and reminds us wherever we may be of His never ending love.”  There are two snowflakes and two little angels.
The girls and I also got good luck necklaces.
Yummy elf treats and a tree ornament. 
School work sheets.  They are doing some great writing!
Dinner!  It was YUMMY!  The picture has some of mine and Selena’s because it was so good almost all of the plates were empty before I remembered to get the camera.
We got an advent calendar at the Irish store, isn’t it cute with Santa holding the baby Jesus?  The girls just had to have this one.
Welcoming the Holy Family.
Not today, but in theme, the girls with their Irish Dance teachers!  Thank you Miss Amy and Miss Audrey

In the day’s box, tartar sauce for the fish and chips, candles for the windows, and holly for decorating.   Our trusty scout elf Chris watching over the school work!
Presents “hidden” around the house like Santa does for Irish children.

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