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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Around the World Day 2: England

We have a busy day planned, with fun school projects, crafts, and new and delicious treats from ENGLAND!  
Morning table.
Christmas Tree waffles for breakfast.
What’s in today’s box?  Yummy English treats, pudding, scone mix and Hobnobs.
What we learned about England.  England is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is made up of two islands to the north west of mainland Europe.
People from England are called English, and speak the English language.
English people say Happy Christmas and believe that Father Christmas visits them on Christmas Eve.  Children hang stockings on the mantle to catch Father Christmas’ pocket change that may fall out when he comes down the chimney. 
The flag of the United Kingdom is made up of each of the flags from England, Scotland, and Northern Irelands.  The flag is represented by the crosses of St. George, St. Andrew, and St. Patrick.
Selena also pointed out that we learned that the pilgrims came from England. 
Christmas cards were invented in England.  A fun party favor is a Christmas cracker. 
On the Sunday before Advent, families make a pudding on Stir-up Sunday and each member of the family takes a turn stirring the pudding in a clockwise manner.  While stirring, each person makes a wish.  The pudding is made with a coin and the person who gets the coin is believed to have good luck in the coming year. 
A craft that English people make is a Christingle.  Long ago, there was a very poor family.  The three children wanted to give a gift to Jesus, but they didn’t have anything to give.  The oldest child took an orange, and seeing a green spot on the top, carved a whole in it.  The youngest child, a girl, took her best hair ribbon and placed it around the middle of the orange securing it with picks.  The other child took bits of dried fruits and placed them on the four picks.  The children took their offering to their Christmas service.  The priest used their gift to show the true meaning of Christmas.  Now, the orange represents the world, the red ribbon the blood of Jesus, and the four picks with dried fruits representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons.
English party favors, crackers.
Doing the England worksheet in our notebooks.
Stir-up Sunday pudding.  Everyone took a turn stirring and making wishes.
Banana Bread baking (not necessarily English, but we had bananas that needed to be used up and wanted to eat the delicious bread at tea time.
Cracker making (paper towel tubes cut into pieces then filled with treats and wrapped with tissue paper.
Abby working on reading her words. She and I had a talk yesterday (Dec 1st) and she wants to be in Kindergarten now that she is 5.  So we started Kindergarten on Saturday.  Today she got her own snowflake words to read and Grandma Judy helped her with them.
High Tea Time.  Vanilla Chai scones, and a table fit for a queen.
Pinkies up :)
Bangers and Mash for dinner.
By the light of the Christingles, we ate our dinner.  As for the Stir-up Sunday Pudding, Mommy got the quarter.
Opening the Christmas Crackers.  We sent some home with Grandma to share.
We had so much fun at the Journey to Bethlehem, that we went again!
Our international Christmas tree with the England ornament on it.  Our Elf on the shelf hanging out in the Christmas tree.

Craft items and craft box, including supplies to make Christmas crackers and Christingles.
English food items.  Vanilla Chai Scones mix, Hobnobs chocolate oatey biscuits, and chocolate pudding mix for Stir-up Sunday pudding.  Tea cups and delicious Red Coconut Chai tea from Hug A Bug Ink to go with the Vanilla Chai scones.
Table decorations.

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