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Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Around the World Day 6: France

Morning table.

We learned a lot about France today.  We learned that they like to eat bread, cheese, salad and fresh fruit.  The start of the French Christmas season begins on St. Barbara’s Day (December 4) and they start a tray of grain called “St. Barbara’s Grain”  if it grows it foretells a prosperous growing season.  We learned that they make clay figures called santons.  Pere Noel (Father Chirstmas) visits and places treats into straw or wooden “sabots” or shoes.  Treats can include toys, candy and nuts.  Pere Fouttard (Father Whipper) often travels with Pere Noel.  Pere Fouttard is similar to the Black Peter of The Netherlands.  Nativity scenes are one of the most important holiday decorations.  The crech or nativity scene is placed in a prominent location.  The French have a “Feast of the Kings” on Epiphany.

French say Joyeaux Noel for Merry Christmas!

Eggs Benedict for breakfast.  (Hollandaise from scratch and it tasted terrible! Kudos to the girls for eating as much of it as they did!)

Work board.


Google Earth and Google Map views of Paris and the Louvre.

Virtual tours of the museums in France from Google Art Project.  The above pictures are from Versailles.  We also toured Musee de Orsay and Chateau de Chantilly.  This is a great resources and worth checking out!

Not French in theme, but we did some Kinect Zumba exercising.


Making the clay for our Santons.


Santons of the nativity scene.


Baking of the santons.

French toast for dinner


Our international tree with 6 flags and Chris hanging out by the moon.




Inside the day box, english muffins for breakfast.  Salt and flour for the santons.

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