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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Around the World Day 5: The Netherlands

The morning table.

Today we learned all about the land of windmills and wooden shoes!  The Netherlands or Holland.  In The Netherlands, Sinterklaas visits the children on St. Nicholas Eve (December 5th).  He arrived in The Netherlands by ship from Spain with his helper Black Peter.  They participate in a parade that leads them to the royal palace and there they hear from the children about their actions throughout the year.  Traditions say that Black Peter carries Sinterklaas’ gift bag and also a wooden switch for the naughty boys and girls.  If kids are particularly naughty, they will be put in the bag and taken back to Spain.  Instead of a sleigh and reindeer, Sinterklaas delivers gifts while riding on a white horse.  If you are really lucky, Sinterklaas and Black Peter will visit during the evening and throw candy to the children.

The Dutch people are known for tulips and other flowers and windmills.  We read the postcards that we have received from The Netherlands and enjoyed looking at the pictures. 


Stroopwafels and crafty projects. 

Selena and Abby really wanted to watch the sunset, there were some beautiful colors in the sky!

Yummy dinner of roast chicken.  Did I say Yum? Yum!


Sinterklaas and Black Peter visited us during dinner and threw candy at us.  Then they rode off into the night on their white horse.  Mysteriously enough, Grandma Judy arrived shortly after they left and joined us for dinner.


Work board.

Decorating wooden shoes with carrots and grains for Sinterklaas’ horse.


Our Netherlands people, we are going to make a puppet show using them.


Chris the elf was visiting us in the downstairs tree and enjoyed watching “The Little Drummer Boy” with the girls.  The International tree is looking very festive with five countries now represented by flags. 

Shoes left by the fire for Sinterklaas to visit tonight.


Box was packed with caramel wafers.  Craft projects are included in the workbook binders.

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